Committee 2019-2020

Robert Appleby - Chair

Rob has been a member of the players since 2014 and was elected to the committee in early 2018. He has tried his hand at nearly all roles involved in putting on a show, having contributed to 16 PPP productions so far. He has written and directed two original PPP plays to date and has plans for more in the future. His love of prop making led to his role as resources manager in 2018 and in 2019 he was elected as a chair. He loves being involved with the players as it affords him a creative outlet as well as meeting great new people.


Ged McPhail - Treasurer

It was during a panto breakdown when Ged (who was helping with tech) noticed a $50 Shure microphone sitting in a large cardboard box along with a hammer, several other tools, some props and some costumes. He decided there and then to make it his mission to organise the PPP resources somewhat more effectively, so promptly volunteered his services as resources manager. Several years and many labelled boxes later, Ged ventured into other aspects of the PPP and has since enjoyed playing small parts in big productions whilst continuing to help out with sound and lights. In 2018 he made his debut as a co-director (with Martin Islas) in the immensely successful production of Animal Farm. Known for his reliability and trustworthiness, Ged is now burdened with the task of keeping track of PPP finances.

Paul Glew - Resources Manager

Arttu Karppanen - Marketing

Arttu is a fairly new face in Phnom Penh Players, but his computer skills and marketing history earned him a spot in marketing in 2019 committee. Arttu was introduced to Phnom Penh Players in 2018 Pantomime, started this very website and is aiming to set standards for marketing while lifting the Phnom Penh Players online presence in 2019.


Kim Laurent - Communications

Kim arrived in Cambodia in 2012 without any theatre experience. She started acting with the French theatre company in Phnom Penh in 2015 before joining the players in 2017. Since then, she performed in a few production with the players, including the Vagina Monologue and Animal Farm. Kim enjoy working and playing with all different kinds of people and being able to give back to great charities. She was elected to the 2019-2020 committee to handle communications

Eliza Ramage - Secretary

Eliza was born in 2003, but don’t hold it against her. She has been with the Players since she was 9, starting off with acting, helping out with front of the house, and now taking a post in the committee as a secretary. “I’m madly excited to see what’s in store for me, and can’t wait to work with these beautiful people.”

Previous Committees

Committee 2018-2019

Mark Tilly - Chair

Emily Garrison - Secretary

Robert Appleby - Resources Manager

Mariam Arthur - Mar/Com

Katy Andersson - Treasurer