List of all our productions in 2019 with updated schedules and venues. Watch this space for future updates and most up to date info about venues.

Vagina Monologues

When: February 15-16-17 with Phnom Fem Fest on 16th
Where: Chinese House

V-Day’s 2018-2019 Spotlight, created in collaboration with formerly incarcerated women and activists, will focus on Women in Prisons and Jails, Detention Centers, and Formerly Incarcerated Women. A direct connection exists between violence and abuse done to women and girls and the risk that those women and girls will be directly impacted by incarceration.

Shanghai Cabaret

When: March 13-14-15-16
Where: Chinese House

Shanghai Cabaret is inspired by the musical Cabaret, and is set in the decadent city of Shanghai in 1941, where the cabaret scene flourished. It’s an end of an era love story, told through drama and songs from the period. Although under Japanese control the city had an international settlement, which was liberal and autonomous, but that all came to a dramatic end after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Orphan Train

When: April 5-6-7
Where: To be announced

The play by Aurand Harris tells the story of nine orphans on an “orphan train” that left New York City and travels to towns in search of homes, any homes, anywhere for the orphaned and unwanted children.The lonesome whistle wails as the journey includes anxiety, laughter, wistfulness, rejection and acceptance.

The Great Theatre of The World

When: June 21-22-23
Where: To be announced

The Great Theatre of the World describes life as a play and imagines the world as a great theatre. God wants to celebrate his greatness, and for that, he called souls and assigned them roles to perform. In the end, when the work is finished, and everybody is dead, the actors will receive a prize or punishment according to whether they acted well or badly.

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