The Phnom Penh Players will be presenting 5 performances of Animal Farm!

A metaphorical novel written by George Orwell that has been adapted to the context of Cambodia. Animal Farm is set on a Cambodian farm, and tells the tale of different farm animals who are tired of being ruthlessly exploited by their human masters. These animals rebel against their masters and take over the farm with the aim of running it themselves. Their intention is to create a fair and just community where everyone is equal, free and happy. However, things go wrong when one breed of animal, the pigs, begin to take over and ultimately morph into the new oppressors behaving just as the humans did before the rebellion.

Phnom Penh Perfomances:
7:00PM Show
Thu, 6 Sept // Fri, 7 Sept // Sat, 8 Sept // Sun, 9 Sept // Mon, 10 Sept

Department of Performing Arts,
Street 384
(cross streets 173 & Mao Tse Tong)

– Kwest Restaurant, Street 154 (Riverside)
– Box Office, Street 244 (Near St. 240)
– Lot 369 Cafe & Bar, Street 454 (Russian Market) and Street 282 (BKK1)

Proceeds from the play are donated to The Phnom Penh Animals Welfare Society (PPAWS), which is a local organization committed to improving the welfare of animals in Cambodia. PPAWS uses donations received to fund many different efforts to save and protect animals. They focus on working with pagodas, spaying and neutering strays, finding homes for animals that need extra care, and educating about animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. You can find out more about PPAWS at

Thank you so much Khmer Times and What’s On Phnom Penh for your coverage.

Act 1

Act 2

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