Thank you for an awesome year!
In 2019 we donated almost 10,000 USD to different charities around Phnom Penh. None of this wouldn’t have been possible without your support towards local theatre and the amazing teams behind every production, without forgetting our local sponsors who were willing to invest in performing arts in Cambodia.

We kicked-off 2019 with an amazing production of Vagina Monologues in coalition with Phnom Fem Fest.

We laughed and sang with the most popular musical of the year, Shanghai Cabaret.

We learned little known parts of American history with the Orphan Train.

We got raptured in the Gods wicked play in The Great Theatre Of The World.

We got confused an queasy in Phnom Penh Players original: 3 Steps To Supernova

We closed the year with all the pantomime silliness of a young girl losing her shoe, Cinderella!

Have a great holiday (those who do) and Happy New Year!

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